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Release Date: September 1, 2008 (IE)

Genre: Drama

External Link: Official Website

Jojo (Charlene McKenna) returns to RAW and to everyone’s surprise, has a new husband in tow, Anthony (Michael Malarkey). Meanwhile Fiona (Aisling O’Sullivan) has a healthscare, and when she is comforted by new chef Max (Cristian Solimeno), she reassesses what she wants from life. Kate (Kelly Gough) is eager to find a new man through on-line dating, but when she sees Shane (Keith McErlean) dancing with new front-of-house girl Zoe (Amy Manson) at Jojo’s wedding party she is severely miffed. Philip (Sam Keeley) has clearly fallen for Emma (Tara Lee), but when his cousin Brian (Dermot Murphy) turns up at RAW looking for a bed and a job, things get complicated.

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