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watch online Shipwreck Men

Watch Shipwreck Men Online

Release Date: January 14, 2013 (US)

Genre: Reality Series, Action, Adventure

External Link: official website

Meet the men behind four of south Florida’s fiercest salvage companies. There are modern day pirates patrolling the coast of southern Florida – and the bounty they’re after is boats in distress. Salvage companies scan the waters day and night. When trouble strikes they race into action, whether it’s saving a sinking vessel, rescuing boats from dangerous hurricane storms or putting out a massive fire. While their intentions are good, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a cutthroat business. With a fortune to be made, the competition is intense. The first crew on the scene is the one that gets the job – and the lucrative profits. The rest of the companies get nothing and must wait for the next call in hopes of securing a job and keeping their business afloat.

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Most recent episode: Shipwreck Men Season 1 Episode 4