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watch online SuperScrimpers: Waste Not Want Not

Watch SuperScrimpers: Waste Not Want Not Online

Release Date: March 30, 2011 (US)

Genre: Reality Series, Documentary

External Link: Channel 4

The series that shows how to scrimp and save in these straitened times. Entrepreneur, journalist and mother-of-three Mrs Moneypenny reveals how to be clever with your cash. Her motto is ‘run your family like a business’. Mrs Moneypenny spends time with a different family each time, delving into their finances and taking a look at how much they have to spend, and what they spend it on. Her aim is to help them stop their money-wasting ways and give them easy-to-follow advice on how they can improve their finances and stick to a budget. Meanwhile, financial expert Merryn Somerset Webb takes to the high street, challenging the general public with questions about their personal finance, from how much is in their bank account, to how much they spend on lattes and takeaways a week. The show is also packed with entertaining and practical tips from some of Britain’s thriftiest people.

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