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watch online The Biggest Loser (UK)

Watch The Biggest Loser (UK) Online

Release Date: October 6, 2005 (US)

Genre: Reality Series, Game-Show

External Link: IMDb, Official Website

A spin-off of the American reality television show of the same name. 14 overweight contestants who are desperate to change their lives become roommates in a beautiful house in Leicestershire. In a bid to shed as much weight as they can — through rigorous exercise, healthy eating and sheer determination — the contestants will battle it out in the hope of becoming The Biggest Loser. The show originally featured Angie Dowds and Mark Bailey as the personal trainers, with Richard Callender replacing Bailey from series 3. Dowds took what the ITV press centre called a “back seat” for part of the fourth series after having been found to have encouraged participants to undereat before a weigh-in. The first two series of the show were hosted by Vicki Butler-Henderson, the third series was hosted by Kate Garraway. The fourth series is being hosted by Davina McCall. In the first two series, the person who won the competition received

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