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watch online The Fat Fighters

Watch The Fat Fighters Online

Release Date: January 3, 2012 (US)

Genre: Reality Series

External Link: IMDb, Channel 4

Behind the scenes at one of the country’s most outrageous gyms, where four extraordinary personal trainers battle to transform the physiques of their clients. Welcome to the cool and crazy world of personal trainers at one of London’s most extraordinary gyms. The gym is famed for its unique and inventive approach to getting a lean, mean body, with classes ranging from ‘The Human Punch Bag’ to ‘Boobercise’ and ‘The Rave’. Nothing is off-limits in the pursuit of getting fit, as long as members are prepared for some serious sweat. The five-part series goes behind the scenes to follow a crack team of four personal trainers battling it out to transform the physiques of those in dire need of their help. Cameras document life inside the gym as the fitness-fanatic trainers kick their proteges into shape, while vying for more business and competing to get their latest, craziest workouts a prime slot on the coveted gym rotas.

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