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watch online The Mad Bad Ad Show

Watch The Mad Bad Ad Show Online

Release Date: February 17, 2012 (US)

Genre: Celebrities, Comedy, Game-Show

External Link: IMDb, Channel 4

The Mad Bad Ad Show is a studio based comedy entertainment series that lifts the lid off the advertising world. Hosted by Mark Dolan, the show aims to get behind all the perfect promos, publicity and puff that we have pushed in our faces every day and find out exactly how we, the public, are persuaded to buy, buy and buy. The show features two competing teams, led by the comedians Micky Flanagan and Mark Watson, each containing a guest and a leading advertising industry insider who provides a genuine insight into the mysterious and murky world of marketing. Going beyond the traditional question and answer games of the common or garden panel show, The Mad Bad Ad Show brings together an original mix of challenges, panel show banter and documentary insight. It involves classic adverts, funny adverts from overseas, and even adverts made especially by the teams for the show.

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