999 Whats Your Emergency Season 3 Episode 7 - Episode 7

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Synopsis: The brand new series following the work of police and paramedics in Cheshire continues. As the divide between rich and poor continues to grow in the UK, this programme looks at how both the haves and the have-nots are being affected by crime. In Crewe, PC Matt Ambrose is called to the home of an elderly woman who has had nearly £10,000 of her life savings stolen from her bank account. This is the victim’s first encounter with the police and she’s devastated by the crime. PC Ambrose is determined to find the perpetrator and get her money back. In Warrington, PCs Ross Dryden and Lyndsey Whitehurst are on the lookout for a repeat offender suspected of theft and assault. PC Sarah Brockley is called to a smallholding in the middle of the Cheshire countryside to investigate whether foul play is involved in the disappearance of 13 ducks, but owner Christopher is more bothered by the sentimental than the financial value of the birds. The volume of 999 calls has jumped by 60% in the last generation, with 31 million received in 2011. Filmed 24/7 with police, fire and ambulance teams in Blackpo…

Air Date: August 18, 2016

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