America's Funniest Home Videos Season 23 Episode 21 - 6 Finalists compete for the final $100,000 of the season

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Synopsis: In this $100,000 award show, clips include “Gorging During Grace,” featuring a two-year old boy who sneaks pasta while pretending to pray at the dinner table; “You Ate the Baby?,” a little girl who asks if the mother-to-be “ate” the baby during the ultrasound; “Little Animal Imitator,” featuring a very animated little girl who imitates animal faces and sounds at her family reunion; “The Not-So-Amazing Spiderman,” featuring two terrified men screaming while trying to catch the biggest spider they’ve ever seen; “Accidental Cup Crime,” with a boy begging his mother not to call the cops after he accidentally steals a cup from a restaurant; “Backseat Sleeper,” featuring a toddler who tries his best to stay awake in the back seat of his dad’s car, but before his father can finish telling him it’s ok to fall asleep, the little boy is out like a light. ABC’s longest-running primetime entertainment show, America’s Funniest Home Videos, returns for season 26 this fall with the same mission — gi…

Air Date: May 12, 2013

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