Asian Provocateur Season 2 Episode 1 - Cousin Pratheep

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Synopsis: It has always been Shanthi’s dream to visit the relatives across North America, and now it’s Romesh’s job to make her dream a reality. He’s somewhat less than delighted…They kick off their trip in Tampa, Florida, where they have arranged to meet Romesh’s cousin Pratheep, who has set up an all-American week. Romesh starts the trip as his means to go on, by trying to get rid of his mother at a Floridian retirement park, but Shanthi is having none of it.Pratheep’s first activity is to get Romesh to take part in a spicy food competition, one that involves downing a vomit -nducing concentrated Naga chilli soup. With a tender stomach he is then introduced to a group of locals whose idea of fun is to drive Monster truck and shoot AK47s.Romesh and his mum’s relationship hits an all-time low when he breaks free from Shanthi to attend a beer-chugging Frat party initiation. On the final day Pratheep has arranged the one thing Shanthi wanted to do – see a Gospel choir – but she is so angry with Romesh that she takes herself back to the retirement Park and misses the whole thing, leaving Romesh trying to work out how to make it up to her. Comedian Romesh Ranganathan is sent by his mother on a ramshackle
odyssey around his parents’ homeland of Sri Lanka in an attempt to
connect him with his …

Air Date: October 12, 2016

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