Asian Provocateur Season 2 Episode 2 - The Family Reunion

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Synopsis: Romesh’s mother derails their America trip to take them to Canada for a big family reunion. Romesh starts by helping out his seven year-old cousin in a breakdancing performance in his local primary school, before the arrival of his favourite Uncle Ragu. Romesh and Ragu try their hand at surviving in the Canadian Wilderness but Romesh soon gets tired of his Uncle’s surprises, which include appearing on a News channel where the presenters are naked and arranging a kidnapping in the wilderness.Having abandoned his mother again, Romesh tries to make it up to her by taking her to a Glacier to see the Northern Lights. Comedian Romesh Ranganathan is sent by his mother on a ramshackle
odyssey around his parents’ homeland of Sri Lanka in an attempt to
connect him with his …

Air Date: October 19, 2016

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