Cold Feet Season 1 Episode 1 - Episode 1

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Synopsis: The end of Jenny’s pregnancy approaches, and she becomes increasingly irritated by Pete’s enthusiastic preparation for the birth, such as his route maps to the hospital and his expert knowledge of labour. Karen and David’s son Josh misbehaves at nursery, leading David to blame their nanny, Ramona (Jacey Salles). Adam and Rachel discuss moving in together but fall out after an argument over whose flat to live in. They put their differences aside when Jenny goes into labour while Pete is playing golf with David. As Rachel drives to pick up Pete, Adam stays with Jenny through the birth of her son, who she and Pete name Adam. Follow the lives and loves of six thirty-somethings in a heart-warming and comic drama as they try to find true love – or at least keep their relationship…

Air Date: November 15, 1998

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