Game Shakers Season 1 Episode 15 - A Job for Jimbo

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Synopsis: At Game Shakers, Babe, Kenzie, Hudson and Trip are working on a garbage tank game called Scuburoo. Hudson then drops Trip’s backpack into the tank. Trip’s headpones die. The delivery guy arrives and when Dub arrives he leaves. Dub tells them he is gonna do a duet with a famous singer named Diana Devane. She arrives and says her step-grandson will love it at Game Shakers. His name is Jimbo and is 22 years old. Jimbo is finding a new job and Dub says that he can work at Game Shakers. Hudson then dives into garbage water. When Babe and Kenzie created Sky Whale for a seventh grade science project, they were hoping for a passing grade at best. They never expected it to become the m…

Air Date: January 30, 2016

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