Grand Designs Season 10 Episode 10 - Revisited

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Synopsis: Kevin returns to see whether Bill Bradley has completed the work on his two timber houses in south London. Bill and Sarah Bradley are a couple whose dream of living mortgage-free rests on building not one, but two timber framed houses in south London. Building on the site of Bill’s old wood workshop, the couple plan to sandwich the houses in between two existing rows, leaving them overlooking, and overlooked, by over twenty neighbours. To get around these difficulties Bill and Sarah’s houses will use oblique windows, skylights and double height glazed courtyards to create two beautiful but private homes. But before long the budget is soaring and Bill’s desire to go more luxurious and high spec leaves their dream of debt free living looking ever more remote. Series featuring the challenges faced by eight people designing and building their dream houses.

Air Date: November 17, 2010

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