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watch online Wild Britain With Ray Mears

Watch Wild Britain With Ray Mears Online

Release Date: October 11, 2010 (US)

Genre: Documentary

External Link: IMDb, Official Website

Adventurer and nature lover Ray Mears uncover some of our finest habitats and rejoice in our fascinating wildlife, showing viewers how we can all find our own relationship with the wild, in places close to our homes. Each episode of the series is themed around a different habitat: Deciduous Woodland, Heathland, Meadows and Farmland, Wetlands, Shingle Shore and Moorland. Immersing himself in nature, Ray reveals vital links between the plant, animal and insect worlds, as well as the role of man in the evolution of our ever changing landscape. He looks at how the wild animals and plants of our countryside reflect five millennia of human history. Ray

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